Asset Funding

Asset funding on Defactor will provides additional or new funding liquidity to support established Alternative Finance companies (Alt Finance).
This will be achieved by providing funding of tokenised Real-World Assets (RWA's), which act as collateral. Currently, 3 specific asset classes are being supported. Each asset class will have portfolios with differentiated risk profiles (4 different profiles) as defined below.
The 3 Asset Classes to be funded are:
Receivables / Factoring
Trade Finance
Inventory Finance
Based on an internal Defactor risk process, assets will be assigned to one of four risk profiles being:

Risk Reporting

A key benefit of Defactor is its ability to provide real time dynamic risk reporting and transparency for all parties. Our fundamental belief of risk sharing and transparency is reflected in Defactor prioritising risk management and reporting. These work in progress functionalities are captured on a live dashboard, which has investors in mind.